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    A customer sustaining property damage due to water or a power supply issues may request damage compensation if Aqualectra is liable for the alleged damage. Damage to electronic equipment due to problems with voltage or a power interruption, or to clothing because of brown water are examples of property damage.

    How to submit a claim for damages suffered?

    Customers can submit claims for damages to Aqualectra on a claim form which is available online on our website. You are always required to provide underlying documentation to support your claim. This may include a copy of an I.D., the related receipts/invoices, quotations, repair reports and/or photographs of the damaged items. Aqualectra reserves the right to request you to hand out the original documents. It is important that you clearly state the date and time of the interruption that caused the damage. We kindly request you to restrain from disposing of the damaged appliances/devices before the investigation has been completed. (Except in case of food), as it might be possible that a surveyor will be requested to inspect the damaged property. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for Aqualectra to accept and/or process any claims that is not being supported by the requested documents to support the claim. Claims submitted after one year of the incident will not be accepted.

    How long will it take to assess your claim?

    The assessment of your claim depends on the complexity of the investigation required and the load of claims currently under investigation. However, you could expect a reply of the result of the investigation of your claim within 6 weeks after the submission of your claim. You will get a letter informing you if your claim has been honored or dismissed. For Aqualectra to make the necessary payment to you, it is of importance for you to provide Aqualectra with your bank account information once you file your claim. If your claim is honored, the compensation will be calculated on the current depreciated value of the damaged appliance.

    What kind of damage does not qualify for compensation?

    We are not able to compensate customers any loss or damage that occurs as a result of circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to:
    • Vandalism.
    • Motor vehicles crash with power poles.
    • Lightning, thunder, storms, tornado, hurricane.
    • Power interruption for planned maintenance.
    • Emergency action by government emergency services, by police and/or firefighters.
    • Any third-party interference to the electricity system.

    For more Information?

    If you have questions about submitting a claim form or the status of a submitted claim form, please call the Aqualectra Contact Center at telephone 0800-0135.

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